Ram 2500 Smart Diesel Technology Can Improve Towing Capacity

The Ram 2500 is a popular full-size pickup truck that packs serious towing capacity. This iconic vehicle enjoys widespread popularity for reasons that include its Smart Diesel Exhaust technology and robust towing capacity.

The Ram 2500 Smart Diesel Exhaust design provides you with gradual, engine-based braking power that can come in handy during steep, difficult descents from hills and mountains. During such descents, this system uses a special variable nozzle to direct exhaust gases through the onboard turbocharger. This turbo-based braking effect can help the Ram 2500 to slow down without the aid of the regular brakes, a feature which can add to overall brake-life and can also allow the 2500 to handle heavy tow-loads.

Here at our facility in the Findlay area, we are happy to stock a number of Ram 2500 heavy-duty pickup trucks for your test-driving pleasure. To experience the Ram 2500 difference, swing by Findlay Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today for a complimentary and private test drive.

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