Ram 1500 vs Ford F-150

2021 Ram 1500You work hard throughout the Findlay, OH, area. As such, you deserve a vehicle that can match your rugged determination. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking—a pickup truck—then we’ve got just the thing here at Findlay Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Meet the 2021 Ram 1500. Powerful, strong, and durable, this is one tough truck that’s always ready to get down to business. How does this automobile stack up to others in its class, like the 2021 Ford F-150? Read the following Ram 1500 vs. Ford F-150 comparison to find out!

Ram 1500 vs. Ford F-150 Quick Facts

2021 Ram 1500

2021 Ford F-150

Standard Engine 3.6L Pentastar® V6 3.3L Ti-VCT V6
Torque 305 lb-ft 265 lb-ft
EPA-Estimated MPG 20 city /25 highway 20 city /24 highway
Payload (4×2) 2,320 lbs. 1,985 lbs.

Ram 1500 vs Ford F-150: Power & Performance

2021 Ram 1500Whether you’re cruising down State Route 12 towards your next fishing destination or staying local for a bite at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, driving with a well-working engine is vital. Under the hood of the Ram 1500, however, you’ll find more than an engine that works well. You’ll find one that raises the performance bar, more specifically, a 3.6L Pentastar® V6, which nets an impressive 305 lb-ft of torque. Not only is Ram’s engine powerful, but it also outperforms Ford’s standard component. The F-150 features a smaller 3.3L Ti-VCT V6, only capable of generating 265 lb-ft of torque. Let’s go back to that fishing trip for a second. Imagine you’re halfway to Van Buren State Park when you realize your low on gas. Sure, you could pull over at the next stop to refuel, but you’ve got lines to reel in and fish to catch. Well, thanks to the EPA-estimated 20 city/25 highway MPG found in the Ram 1500, you won’t have to. While we’ll admit Ford brings a similar EPA-estimated 20 city/24 highway MPG, it does not come with the power of Ram’s engine.

1500 vs F-150: Smart Towing Features

2021 Ram 1500Trucks are made for carrying all sorts of equipment, from boats to bikes and tools, you name it. How can you ensure these items get transported safely and securely? By utilizing the various smart towing features offered alongside the 2021 Ram 1500. Let’s check them out. Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path and Trailer Detection: By scanning the blind zones directly beside and behind your vehicle to make changing lanes even easier. With the addition of trailer detection, it even automatically senses and accounts for the length of the trailer. Electronic Stability Control: This standard system aids in keeping control of your vehicle’s brakes and engine power, a crucial component of towing larger items. Electronic Roll Mitigation: Stay centered with standard Electronic Roll Mitigation and ensure you and your trailer are lined up and ready to go. The 2021 Ford F-150 offers similar smart towing features, too, but not all come standard. Their Blind Spot Monitoring, for example, is only featured within higher trim levels.

Ram 1500 vs Ford F-150: Outfitted for Off-Roading

2021 Ram 1500We mentioned that the Ram 1500 has the power for highway driving, but did you know it also has the tools to tackle the backroads as well? That’s right! It starts at the bottom of the truck, with a maximum ground clearance of 11.8 inches, plenty of height for driving over rocks and other small debris. Unfortunately, ground clearance on the F-150 maxes out at 9.4 inches. To add more fun to your next off-roading expedition, the Ram 1500 can be outfitted with various optional accessories, including:

  • Molded splash guards
  • Mopar® Fender Flares
  • Electronic locking rear axle

Folks can upgrade their F-150 with splash guards and an electronic locking rear axle, but there are no Mopar® Fender Flares to be found.

Ram 1500 or Ford F-150: You Decide!

Now that you’ve read this comparison between the 2021 Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150, it’s time to choose your favorite. If—like us—your favorite happens to be the overpowered Ram 1500, then why not come take one for a test drive around Findlay, Ohio? Stop by Findlay Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to talk to a sales associate and schedule your test drive today! We look forward to seeing you in our showroom soon!

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