Why Buy a New vs Used Car?

Chrysler 300S

Wondering what sort of advantages there are to getting a new car vs. used car? While both options offer various benefits, our Findlay CDJR team wants to share with you why drivers in Findlay, Tiffin, and Fremont choose to get a new car. Below, we go over the differences of new cars vs. used cars and what you gain with one of our new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicles!

New Car

Used Car

0 mileage

Varying mileage

Full warranties

Limited warranties

Lower maintenance costs

Higher maintenance costs

The Difference of New Cars vs Used Cars 

Dodge Challenger RedNew cars vs. used cars comes down to the fact if the car has been driven before or not. New cars are exactly that–new and have yet to be driven. These are the latest model year of whichever specific cars you are looking at getting. Everything inside and outside of the car comes brand new and in perfect condition since it has yet to hit the road.

With a used car, you are getting something older, whether it is just a couple years or 10 years old. Because of that, these cars are usually at lower price point, but have more wear put on them from the miles they have already been driven for.

Why Get a New Car? 

2021 Jeep WranglerThere are a lot of reasons why drivers enjoy getting a used car, and it goes way past having that new-car smell! Since you will be in the newest edition of whichever model you want, you’ll get to enjoy all the latest tech in your new car.

This includes the most advanced in-cabin features for more personal convenience and an overall entertaining ride. It also means you’ll have the newest safety technologies, which help provide even more peace of mind as you drive.

Since you are getting a new car, that also means all of its parts and systems are in excellent shape. Because of this, maintenance costs usually remain low for a while since most of these parts won’t need to be replaced until you have reached certain mileage intervals.

Financing Your New Car 

Financing Your New Car Findlay ChryslerWhen shopping for your new car with us, you will also have various options when it comes to financing your vehicle. If you’d like to drive your car for many years and as many miles as you’d like, we can help you figure out the best way to buy your car. With our relationship with various lenders, we’ll be able to find you a great rate on an auto loan.

You can also enjoy the flexibility that comes with leasing your new car. That way, you can drive a new car every few years and have comfortable payments from month to month. There are even tools right online that you can use to help you through the financing process. Use these tools to:

  • Calculate payments
  • Estimate your car’s trade-in value
  • Get pre-approved for credit

With all the different options we offer and our team working with you individually, you will be able to figure out the best way for you personally of how to pay for the new car you want!

Come Find Your New Car Today! 

Ready to drive around Findlay, Tiffin, and Fremont in a new car? Come by Findlay CDJR today to come see our inventory of new cars, SUVs, and trucks! Our team can also answer any other questions you have about new cars vs. used cars and get you the right type of car financing for your vehicle. Get started now and contact us to schedule a test drive!